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Autor: M.Sc. European Spatial Planning Jenny Radeiski

M.Sc. European Spatial Planning Jenny Radeiski

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Life is for me a life-long-learning process and I enjoy and am deeply interested and motivated to contribute my personal and professional skills, knowledge, expierences and ideas. I am seeking for opportunities in organizational development and planning processes particulary with organizations who enjoy the challenge to lead with their knowledge to develop products and services to meet market and human needs into sustainable future. I am a typical city person with a strong relation to nature. I am born and grew up through the influence from two different German systems – the former East and the united Germany. Both systems and the times of change have a strong influence in my life and motivate always myself to follow my strength - my inquisitiveness - for active participation in life, for people and internationality and finally to follow my personal goals. One of them is to live in a place that inspires me. Therefor I moved to Sweden to settle down. Why? There are certain things in life that can not be explained with a clear mind. But if I try, it is the love to the country with their diversity of nature and people and the personal dream of living close by the sea and finally when I moved to Sweden, I just knew - finally I am coming home. As an active cyclist and all season swimmer, I enjoy to swim in the sea and to explore by bike my new home country as much I can. All in all I look forward to succeed the Swedish immigration process one day to have a career in a Swedish work environment and to speak Swedish fluently.