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Marketing-relevant cultural impacts on the consumer behaviour within the communication policy determined using the United Arab Emirates

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The development of the world more and more leads to a global village. Commodities, which earlier were only accessible to the people in the immediate vicinity nowadays, are sold on the whole globe. The increasing dynamism within the foreign trade is perceptible, as every country including their companies is incumbent upon the same problem. The home market is already sated by the products and there is no more growth expected. The only way to handle this conflict is based on the „going international“ concept. The basis of the global trade was created by the changes in the international politics and the creation of international economic areas. Nevertheless, the acceptance that products and goods at foreign markets can be set down in the way, as it has nationwide turned out already, is to be handled with care. By tendency an increasing homogenization of the markets and even to the products is registered. This enables the internationally operating companies to use scale effects as well as synergistic effects by a centrally steered marketing. Nevertheless, the assumption, that even the country specific consumption patterns will match piece by piece, is not expected. Differences in the cultural specification of every individual export market and the connected consumer behaviour falsify this assumption. The condition that „global player“ have to face is „as much standardization as possible, so much differentiation as necessary“. Caused by the international and intercultural marketing, mistakes can mainly be avoided in the creation of the marketing measures.
Target of Investigation:
Currently no other region in the world can prove such an industry´s impetus like the Arabian countries. The numerous raw material occurrences, which belong to the demand-strongest commodities of the world, contribute their share to this unbelievable development. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are according to the OPEC (d.u.) in 7th place of the world’s biggest oil and gas occurrences.
However, the UAE already adjusts the future of their economy to alternative branches of economic sectors. For the time after the oil, areas like tourism or research and development of high technology are massively promoted by the government. Additionally the high population growths, particularly influenced by an immigration policy supporting the influx of foreign skilled workers, as well as one of the worldwide highest per head income and a huge purchase power […]


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2011 (Oktober)
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Titel: Marketing-relevant cultural impacts on the consumer behaviour within the communication policy determined using the United Arab Emirates