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New Trends in Internet Market

An Exemplary of Strategic Chances and Risks for the Mobile Network Industry

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Internet. Broadband access. Mobile telephony. Fixed telephony. TV. Google. Yahoo!. Social networks. Mobile network operators. Telecommunication operators. Media conglomerates. Citizen media.
All these terms have always been traditionally considered independent, but nowadays the interrelations among all of them happen more often and are becoming deeper: a new global scenario is being defined, in which communications, entertainment and information are converging, being provided by global conglomerates in our PCs, TVs and mobile devices. Nowadays technology advances will soon enable to provide users with the best internet experience „on the go”. Services hosts, access providers, vendors, media owners and online players now realize that the barriers that traditionally have separated their markets dilute, bringing them all in a common-global market. Internet business models have now to converge with traditional structures and merges and acquisitions happen to reach competitive positions in foreign markets.
The paradigm of internet will influence and change the most popular services as they are currently known. Fixed communication providers already suffer a loose of voice revenues in favor of the cheapest online communication. Mobile operators are facing now the same situations and find themselves on a delicate strategic situation: with VoIP nearing a competitive QoS, voice along doesn’t seem to be for a long time enough as unique revenue source... Even watching TV will be soon an enriched personalized experience through the new IP end2end platforms. Will the online players be the ones successfully accomplishing a vertical expansion of their business? How will the mobile operators react? Which will be the paper of the network access providers? What about the media and content? How will all that affect the customers? In this document will be described the nowadays situation on the different markets involved in the converging scenario, and how the respective players situate themselves strategically.
An initial global point of view will be followed by the definition of strategies and trends of each of them independently, and the determination of the merging points and relations among them. The effort will be focus firstly on offering recommendations and comparisons concerning specific environments. Step by step the basis of the competition environment in the converging market will be defined, offering a strategic map of the […]


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2007 (Juni)
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Titel: New Trends in Internet Market