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Implementing ETSI standardised RTCP-based Interdestination Media Synchronization

Masterarbeit 2011 141 Seiten

Ingenieurwissenschaften - Nachrichtentechnik / Kommunikationstechnik


This thesis represents the results of my research in synchronization of television during my graduation project. I will describe a solution, which is actually standardized and give a solution on how to implement it in this document.
It is a pleasure to thank the people who made this thesis possible. First of all these are my supervisors Oskar van Deventer and Michael Maruschke, who supported me by reviewing my work and discussion on content. I also would like to thank Ray van Brandenburg and Hans Stokking, who were always open for discussion.
This work was done at TNO Information and communication technology. The part of TNO this thesis is placed has its main research topic in media technologies and content delivery systems. Research is done in cooperation with Dutch and international companies as well, as with international research groups. TNO is also a member in the NGNLab project, which main purpose is Next Generation Networks and topics related to that.
The purpose of this thesis is to create a proof of concept of the synchronization system for IPTV described by ETSI TS 182 027 [2] and ETSI TS 183 063 [1] by using the protocol extension to RTCP from ETSI TS 183 063 Annex W. During planing, implementation and evaluation specifications have to be proofed and requirements, for a sufficient work have to be generated, if the standardized environment is not clear defined on some part of the implementation or not sufficient.
This document should give the reader an overview of the necessary requirements and the way of development of the proof of concept.
This thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chapters are the theoretical base, followed by the planing and evaluation of the prototyped IDMS system.
In chapter two an overview of the thesis background and necessary protocols needed for communication is given. This is completed by a description of the network framework, which will be the platform for the synchronization approach. The extension for television usage of the network described in chapter two is explained in chapter three.
The Software analyzed for the usage in the prototyped implementation is described in chapter four. The necessary modifications and extensions to this software and structure of the applications used to build the environment for the described implementation completes the theoretical part of the thesis. Chapter five shows these software planing.
Chapter six gives and overview of […]


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Titel: Implementing ETSI standardised RTCP-based Interdestination Media Synchronization