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Optical and Electrical Properties of Single Self-Assembled Quantum Dots in Lateral Electric Fields

Diplomarbeit 2009 133 Seiten

Physik - Sonstiges


Chapter 1:
In this thesis we investigate the optical properties of self-assembled quantum dots exposed to a lateral electric field. As a result of the electric field the wave functions of electrons and holes inside the quantum dot are manipulated, which makes it possible to tune their energy levels and control the optical properties of the system. The possibility of tuning the emission energy of different few particle states using this method makes this system very promising for the use of a source of polarization entangled photons as discussed in the following sections.
In Section 1.1 the concept of entangled states is introduced together with a brief historical overview. The possibility of using the exciton–biexciton cascade of a self-assembled quantum dot for the generation of entangled photon pairs is presented in Section 1.2.
Chapter 2:
In this chapter we introduce the concept of quantum dots and demonstrate their optical emission properties. In Section 2.1 the quantum dot is introduced as a three-dimensional charge carrier trap. Several types of quantum dots are presented in an overview.
In Section 2.2 we discuss the physical effects that occur on the way from bulk semiconductor material to the three-dimensional charge carrier confinement in the case of quantum dots. The growth of self-assembled quantum dot samples is the topic of Section 2.3, where the technique of molecular beam epitaxy is introduced (Section 2.3.1). This technique is used to grow the semiconductor quantum dots via heteroepitaxy in the Stranski-Krastanov growth mode (Section 2.3.2).
Quantum dots are commonly referred to as artificial atoms due to their atomlike emission features. The origin for this expression is explained in Section 2.4 on the basis of the energetic structure of self-assembled quantum dots.
The optical properties of quantum dots are discussed in Section 2.5, beginning with an introduction to the experimental setup that has been used to investigate the quantum dots during this thesis (Section 2.5.1). Different optical excitation modes are presented in Section 2.5.2 and in Section 2.5.3 we discuss, how to achieve a low enough quantum dot density on the analyzed samples.
Section 2.5.4 deals with the photoluminescence of different exciton states and in Section 2.5.5 we present how these lines can be identified via power dependent measurements. Finally, the concept of initial charges in self-assembled quantum dots is presented in […]


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Titel: Optical and Electrical Properties of Single Self-Assembled Quantum Dots in Lateral Electric Fields