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A study of eco-labelling in Spain and tourism decision making

The German experience

Bachelorarbeit 2009 85 Seiten

Tourismus - Sonstiges


This section of the paper will provide an outline of the aim and objectives of the dissertation and a rationale as to why the topic was chosen. Whilst there is much debate over the economical and environmental impacts that tourism entails; the impact of tourism eco-labelling remains an under researched terrain. This dissertation analyses environmental eco-labelling and its affect on German tourists. The aim is to find out to what degree eco-labelling plays a role in the tourism decision making of German tourists. The focus is on the Blue Flag, an eco-label for coastal areas and marinas.
Aim and objectives:
The principle aim of this dissertation is to analyse the affect of eco-labelling in tourism on the tourism decision making process of Germans travelling to Spanish coastal areas. In order to successfully achieve this aim, it was imperative to establish a set of objectives. The objectives of this dissertation are as follows:
- To review the tourism eco-labelling process.
- To identify environmental eco-labelling in Spain with the focus on coastal areas.
- To determine the importance of eco-labelling for German tourists.
- To examine the perception and knowledge of eco-labelling in coastal areas by German tourists travelling to Spain.
- To develop a conclusion based on the findings concerning the impact of eco-labelling in Spain on German tourists.
The first three objectives will be answered by reviewing and critically examining secondary literature, including academic literature and journals. This will provide an understanding into what previous literature has been published on the subject and will deliver an insight of opinions and perceptions from different authors that had addressed the topic earlier. In order to investigate the recent situation of the third objective and to gain an understanding of the fourth objective primary research will be undertaken. For the purpose of explaining reliability and theory of collecting data secondary literature will be examined and support the research. The fifth objective will be answered by reviewing and evaluating the preceding objectives and deliver a conclusion on the findings.
Following appropriate methods, the objectives are discussed throughout each section of the paper. In order to provide a comprehensive research paper the initial second objective was excluded since it would extend the scope of this dissertation. The third objective is modified in a way that the […]


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Titel: A study of eco-labelling in Spain and tourism decision making