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IMC: strong in theory but struggling in practice

Practical guidance for the adaptation of IMC

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Since the 1990s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has particularly influenced both the theory and practice of communication management. The complex and evolving shift from the nineteenth century ‘product’ centred approach to that of the twentieth century ‘customer’ and twenty-first century ‘stakeholder’ approaches has necessitated the adaptation of the concept.
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has evolved from the roots of psychology, marketing and mass communication. Despite its respected lineage, however, IMC remains an immature field that has struggled to establish its own unique body of literature. A key milestone in IMC’s emerge occurred in 1991, when a task force of academics and professionals was formed in an effort to agree on such fundamental issues as the most appropriate terminology and definition of the IMC concept. Interestingly, the task force actually debated the use of at least three different terms which were „integrated communications”, „total communications”, and „IMC ”. Although the task force did not forge a clear consensus on which term to use, IMC emerged as most commonly cited option and began to enter the mainstream of mass communications and marketing discussions in the early 1990s. Therefore literature in this paper is used as if it had intended to refer to integrated marketing communications.
IMC is aiming to provide a consistent and effective message to the customers and other stakeholders as strategic consistency would lead to an increased brand value providing a competitive advantage for the given company. From this perspective IMC is a supportive concept. Yet, in practice, IMC has never been fully embraced. One of the most significant hindrances to IMC adaptation within a corporation has been the lack of agreement on a variable organisational structure. The purpose of this paper is to investigate proposed implementation structures and evaluate their impact in practice. It will identify both the benefits and limitation of these concepts. This paper will suggest the theoretical adaptation of change management within the IMC process as a pathway to practical success.
To provide an introduction to the topic, chapter one stresses the historical development of the marketplace verifying the need of integrated marketing communications practices. It is, in addition, presenting the evolving nature of the concept, followed by offering definitions this paper will be based on. Chapter […]


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Titel: IMC: strong in theory but struggling in practice