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Tailormade Worksite Health Promotion on its Practical Realization by Health Insurances and Companies

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A healthy economy requires healthy enterprises. In turn, an enterprise stands and falls with the health, i.e. efficiency and commitment of its most important creation of value factor, the employee.
Directly visible or also invisible time missed by temporary losses or chronic duration illnesses, high fluctuation, poor motivation, poor creativity and service quality, missing emotional tie with the enterprise or inner notice weaken not only the competition ability and the stock of an enterprise, but charge the national economy and the health system altogether.
According to model calculations by the Federal Institute of Maintenance of Industrial Health and Safety Standards from the year 1998, enterprises in Germany spend about 28.4 billion euros per annum for employees fallen ill directly. The damage by a direct illness conditional production loss is estimated at about 45 billion euros per annum.
The complete economic damage among others due to high time missed, low motivation, productivity, etc. amount to a valued sum for the federal territory between 234 and 245 billion euros per annum.
Tailormade interventions to the worksite health promotion support companies to maintain and to promote the health, i.e. efficiency and performance readiness of their employees, to lower direct and indirect time missed and therefore illness costs. Among others, Heuchert et al. point at a prevention potential not exhausted until now.
The health insurance companies can carry out measures of the operational health support completing the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards. So the legal order of the health insurance companies in the context of the Code of Social Law to take up and to realize interventions, which contains a high potential for enterprises.
In accordance with a study of the federal ministry for health and social affairs (BMGS), about 45% of the legally scheduled budget was used for health support by health insurance companies in the year 2002. The judging size provided by the year 2002 amounted to Euro 2.56 per annum, Euro 1.19 per insured was spent in the year 2002, according to the study. Current data from the year 2005 were not published yet.
The operational health support has developed further within the last three years. However, it is assumed that the health potential lying in § 20 SGB V is neither exhausted by health insurance companies nor enterprises on a full scale yet.
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Titel: Tailormade Worksite Health Promotion on its Practical Realization by Health Insurances and Companies