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Growth Crisis Mitigation through ICT

A cross-sectoral trend analysis of small firms conducted in the eastern part of Germany

Masterarbeit 2005 155 Seiten

BWL - Unternehmensforschung, Operations Research


A small set of companies were examined in detail to examine whether or not evidence could be found that ICT mitigates company growth inhibiting factors. The set of growth inhibiting factors that were examined were first classified and structured within the Threshold to Growth Model (TGM) by the „Rationalisierungs Kurratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft” (RKW). This model and its implications have been used throughout this research to base the analysis on a well-researched basis.
The complexity of the research subject has necessitated the discussion of the underlying theories in great detail. These discussions nonetheless were far too extensive to be included in this dissertation but are presented to the interested reader within the appendices of the research study. The author will reference appropriate sections when necessary and only present the essence of the theories and models involved within the text itself.
The empirical analysis of the study showed a significant correlation between the application of ICT and ability of companies to identify and react to threats to their continuous growths. The analysis also uncovered that in many aspects of company management ICT is not yet sufficiently implemented. It is also striking that in the areas where ICT is not sufficiently implemented the threats to growth are more severe. The analysis of the secondary resources has shown that the main benefit of ITC to businesses is information.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our society. Many, if not all aspects of our daily lives have been affected. Whether one looks at business or leisure activities - everywhere ICT plays a role to a larger or smaller extent. No other aspect of our lives however has become so dependent on ICT as the business world. There are examples ranging from cash flow forecasting systems that integrate not only planning processes (as e.g. headcounts) but also operative tasks like information interchange between different plants and headquarters around the globe. As the use of ICT is required for multiple daily operations, companies could not operate without it nowadays. Even if a production process does not necessarily require ICT, most companies will still use ICT to accomplish their administrative tasks and make data available. If businesses depend on fast information exchange (like investment banks), it would not be possible to distribute all the information needed […]


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Titel: Growth Crisis Mitigation through ICT