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Management Consulting at Faculties of Design - Opportunities and Limitations

An Investigation into carrying out Reforms in German Higher Education with the main Focus on Reform Attempts within the Study of Design. A Case Study Approach

Masterarbeit 2004 88 Seiten

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This dissertation deals with reforms in the German system of higher education and investigates, whether these processes could be facilitated by management consultants. The main focus is placed on design faculties. The investigation of the subject is based on a case study approach.
The starting point within this three-part work is an introduction into the system of higher education in Germany by providing information on the political, legal and financial background, the structure and types and present challenges. The second part moves the investigation towards the design faculties. An analysis of design practice and education reveals both the situation design faculties find themselves in and initial reform attempts. How the policy of reform could be followed through successfully is answered in part three by presenting relevant consulting activities and projects in the field of higher education. Opportunities and limitations, which can be expected from an involvement of management consultants round off this part.
German higher education seemed to be in a continuous cycle of crises and is still seen as having need of reforms in the face of future challenges. As statistical data reveal institutions had and still have to cope with a decrease in federal funding and with an increase of students. In the face of future challenges such as internationalisation and globalisation they need to position themselves effectively by keeping in mind their strengths. The new General Act on Higher Education encourages this step by granting higher education institutions more autonomy. In turn these are expected to evolve into target-oriented entrepreneurial institutions. This requires a fundamental reform such as described in two current concepts for future higher education institutions: The Unchained University and Guide for the Knowledge Based Society.
In the second part design faculties are looked at in more detail and also aspects of design practice and education are examined based on statistical data. The overall picture shows that major changes occurred in the area of design. This is reflected in the high unemployment rate. Also, expectations from the industry are way beyond the capabilities of a design student, who has studied for four years. This has consequences for design education. In this context higher education conferences are mentioned which addressed the current need for reforms. A fundamental change in the way that design is […]


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Titel: Management Consulting at Faculties of Design - Opportunities and Limitations