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The Transforming Power of Business-to-Business Electronic Business

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At the beginning of the 21st century Internet-based B2B e-Business is the ultimate driving force and transforming power in traditional business - the Old-Economy - and its continuous evolution toward a truly networked and globalized economic system. This paper develops a holistic definition and classification of e-Business in general and B2B e-Business in particular. It provides concepts to describe and categorise the development of B2B e-Business, the emerging opportunities of B2B e-Business, and how B2B e-Business shapes and transforms the goals, strategies, structures and processes of a traditional firm in the Old-Economy. The paper concludes with a discussion of selected strategic issues of B2B e-Business. The goal is to show that B2B e-Business means the advent of the next generation of business, just as the industrialisation did 200 years ago.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
1.1 Internet based B2B e-Business -The rise of a new economic era
1.1.1 The Automotive Industry- the case for B2B e-Business
1.1.2 A lack of common definitions and categorisations
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Limitations
2. Methodology
2.1 Research Background
2.2 Research Approach
2.2.1 Inductive vs. deductive research approach
2.2.2 Qualitative vs. quantitative research approach
2.3 Research Methods
2.3.1 Desk research - document analysis
2.3.2 Field Research - qualitative interviews Unstructured interview Semi-structured interview
2.4 Data Sources
2.4.1 Secondary data
2.4.2 Primary data
2.5 Data Analysis
2.6 Frame of reference
3. Porters value chain and value system
3.1 Value chain
3.2 Value system
3.3 Supply chain
3.4 Demand chain
3.5 Value chain & value System vs. supply chain & demand chain
4. e-Business - The e-Volution of business
4.1 Internet Revolution vs. e-Business Evolution
4.1.1 The case for incremental change
4.2 e-Business - A change of paradigms
4.2.1 The birth and death of the e
4.2.2 The EURO Metaphor
4.3 B2B e-Business - the driving force of e-Business
4.4 B2B e-Business - an innovative and transforming power
5. e-Business - holistic approach
5.1 The nature of e-Business
5.2 The evolutionary context of e-Business
5.3 The reversion of the traditional value chain and value system
5.4 The 4 generic dimensions of e-Business - A classification
5.4.1 Business-to-Business e-Business B2B e-Business - integrating the […]


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2004 (Januar)
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Titel: The Transforming Power of Business-to-Business Electronic Business