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Designing of pre-stressed concrete with an internet based software

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The increasing interest in the Internet of the recent years results in a growing number of users as well as improved network infrastructure, quality and performance. This is the basis for a new kind of software, which is running via the Internet. That means the software is installed an a server connected to the Internet and accessed and executed by a remote client. Such Internet based software provides several benefits. Once distributed by a server, Internet based software is available world-wide and depending on its implementation it can be executed without previous installation on the client machine.
Further software updates and patches are not distributed to the users any more. Only the server has to be updated and the new version is available to all users immediately. For commercial use it is not necessary that customers buy the software any more, they download and pay only the module they need or they pay just for every access with the server application. It is also possible to place a high-performance or application specific computer at the server side and provide computation time for special tasks to the users.

Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction1
Chapter 2: Project Objective1
Chapter 3: Methodology2
3.1An Overview of TCP/IP Protocols and the Internet2
3.1.1Definition of Internet2
3.1.2What is TCP/IP?2
3.1.3The TCP/IP Protocol Architecture2
3.1.4The Network Interface Layer2
3.1.5The Internet Layer2
3.1.6The Transport Layer Protocol (TCP)3
3.1.7The TCP/IP Application Layer3
3.1.8TCP/IP Paket3
3.1.9TCP/IP Transport Diagram4
3.2What are Ports?4
3.3What is a Socket?4
3.4Programming Languages5
3.4.1Advantages of Java5 is Distributed6 is Interpreted6 is Architecture Neutral and Portable6
3.4.2Advantages of C++6 is High Performanced6 is Platform independent with QT7 is a popular Language7 is a powerful Language7
3.4.3Solution of our Task7
Chapter 4: Detail Description of the Program8
4.1Class Overview of the Program8
4.1.1UML Illustration of the Java Client8
4.1.2Detail Descriptionof the Java Client8 Class8 Class10 Class10 Class10 Class11
4.1.3UML Illustration of the QT Server11
4.1.4Detail Descriptionof the QT Server12 […]


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Titel: Designing of pre-stressed concrete with an internet based software