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Electronic Commerce over Multiple Platforms

A European Study in the Use of eCommerce

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This study, as part of an European research project in cooperation with the IT-Consultantsy Hyperion in England, will cover the German EC market. Different access platforms, its penetrations and possible future developments will be analysed.
This work is structured in 3 parts: Firstly, the theoretical framework in which the EC platforms are positioned. Secondly, the German position within Europe and in contrast to US concerning internet-use and EC are analysed. Two surveys were undertaken and combined with secondary data found in the literature to get a concise picture. Thirdly, the study is concluded by two case-studies, presenting different access-platforms in detail.
In chapter 1 the fundament for this work will be laid by outlining the subject of Electronic Commerce (EC). Chapter 1.1 defines EC and establishes an ‘working-hypothesis’ for this work. Afterwards the underlying power of EC - the reduction of Transaction Costs - will be discussed and the theory described in brief. Chapter 1.3 gives a brief overview of the EC history and in chapter 1.4 the platforms will be put into a general framework of EC. After describing the barriers and drivers for EC in chapter 1.5, the four different platforms computer, mobile phone, Digital TV and Public Access Point will be described in chapter 2 and its features discussed. Chapter 3 deals with EC, focused especially on German market, comparing it with Europe or/and the US. The first section of chapter 3 is divided into EC volume, infrastructure and use. The second part analyses two surveys carried out during this work, both were especially focused on the topic EC platforms, because in the literature at present this aspect is not covered sufficiently. Chapter 3.4 analyses an expert questionnaire ran during the Internet World (faire) in Berlin and via e-mailing to company representatives involved in EC. Chapter 3.5 describes the results of a general questionnaire undertaken from March to July 1999 via e-mailing, a web-page and personal interviews. Its aim was to get an impression of the status in which Germany is at present concerning EC. The study is concluded with two case-studies of platforms for EC, outlining the practical use of the theoretical described functionality and technological features of EC devices. A Digital TV receiver from Galaxis and ZDFs Electronic Program Guide, as well as a Public Access Point called T-Kiosk from Deutsche Telekom will be presented.
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Titel: Electronic Commerce over Multiple Platforms