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The Function of Conference Organisers and the Marketing for Information Technology Seminars of Small and Medium-Sized Industries

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As the European Union (EU) is getting bigger and the movement of people, capital, goods and services across the 15 participating countries is simplified, the European conference scene has been boosted with this enlarged competition. The latest knowledge and information have become vital economic assets of the information-driven society.
While there are numerous ways to obtain this information, seminars are particularly attractive because they communicate desired knowledge quickly in a compact form. The major destination cities show increasing business, allied with enhanced competition, a toughening attitude amongst organisers and meeting planners as well as the need for improved marketing techniques. The use of cyberspace has gained an important influence on this sector. Due to increasing competition, services are under pressure to be improved, and the whole business of meeting is searching for higher standards.
Definition of the subject
"Information systems have /.../ aided the growth of multinational organizations by providing a technical infrastructure to smooth over the constraints of time and distance. /.../ The IT world is changing rapidly and the basic components of an IT infrastructure have grown in power and sophistication. This means looking at
how the technology should operate in the organization and who should have responsibility for it." Especially in the liberalisation of the EU (and the connected internationalisation - addition C. S.) IT is "at the forefront of achieving competitive advantages." In the fast changing world of data processing not only IT managers, but also the business managers who work with computer technology and decide about the implementation of an IT system in their business have to be informed about the latest technical developments. An IT seminar is one of the most effective ways to gain this knowledge.
Although the conference and seminar line has been booming on the national and international basis for several years, the research about it was difficult as a sufficient literature is still not available in this sector. Scientific material about fundamental questions or single problems is relatively rare. Continuing statistical data is very seldom found and a definition of the various meeting types do not exist. Several brochures with simple descriptions of the congress organisers and sites had to be taken into account.
Process of the examination
After comparing different […]


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Titel: The Function of Conference Organisers and the Marketing for Information Technology Seminars of Small and Medium-Sized Industries