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Evangelization in a Marginalizing World

With Special Reference to the Marginalised Satnamis in the Diocese of Raipur

Doktorarbeit / Dissertation 1996 389 Seiten

Theologie - Praktische Theologie


In pursuing the study, we followed a theological analysis of the concept of Evangelization in a marginalised world, and in this regard we base ourselves an the scriptural sources, documents of Vatican II, post-Vatican, the papal and synodal documents, and the reflections of theologians an the issue.
Our study is divided into five chapters an the whole. The first chapter, which has three parts. The first part of it is an attempt to see the meaning, context and core of the commonly used expression `holistic liberation' . Here we try to see whether the real meaning of the term has been incorporated into the life and pattern of the missionary endeavour of the Church as outlined in scripture, papal, synodal, and Vatican II documents. For this purpose, in the second part, we examine whether the notions of „human dignity“ and „human person“ as given in Pastoral Constitution of Gaudium et Spes, are visible vantage points and the stepping stones for further post-Vatican teachings. In the concluding section, efforts are made to throw some light an the holistic liberation in the ecclesial context of India, after which we review the three dimensions of evangelization in India, i.e. inculturation, dialogue and liberation.
Chapter two of our work is situated against the Indian background. A reasonable knowledge of the context in which the evangelization has to take place seems necessary. In order to situate the context properly we try to see India from its social, economic, cultural and religious dimensions. The ecclesial situation of India is considered because we believe that it is the Churches in India that are the agents of the process of holistic liberation. In the second part of this chapter we make a semantic view of `marginalised' . It is followed by an investigation an the most marginalised in Madhya Pradesh/India viz. the Dalits, the Adivasis and the Women, who are the victims of poverty, illiteracy and oppression. Marginalised in our study imply all those sections of the society in Madhya Pradesh who are kept an the fringes of the society an either one or all of the following criteria (a) Politically, (b) Economically, (c) Culturally. For a better understanding of the marginalised groups we take a specimen, the `Satnamis' in Raipur diocese and focus our attention an them, in the third part of this chapter, as they are the most depressed and oppressed people here.
In the third chapter we deal with those attempts that […]


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Titel: Evangelization in a Marginalizing World